In the world of care, therapy and wellness, we often hear: "The energy goes where your attention goes."

Today, after more than 30 years now seeking to bring you the best, it is thanks to the Rollness® method and Stunning ™ Therapy that I put all my attention and all my energy into your well-being.

And you, where are you putting your attention and energy?

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(+40) 771 105 027

"I have the chance to do this job which I love and which keeps me in shape without forcing. It also allows me to accept this passage of my active senior life and gives me all the experience necessary to share with you these sensations and this well-being, whether with the sessions that I give, or the new training that I propose to you."

I enjoy adding tips and advice to your sessions that I have learned throughout my life in order to be at your best and "BE HAPPY".

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(+33) 6 13 32 54 35